Breaking Character

Breaking Character follows six performers with disabilities making waves in their field. Recent theatre graduate Alexia searches for her place in the industry, determined to be seen as a talent and not as a token Little Person. Stand-up comedian Dan finds humour in the pain of his vision loss as he aspires to break into the comedy circuit. After losing much of his hearing, Caeden finds himself torn between the financial security of the restaurant business and his dream of being a full-time actor. Rachel won’t let their connective tissue disorder push them out of the spotlight as they strut with their cane down the catwalk and work toward releasing a new indie single. Tai, a multi-talented 17-year-old wheelchair user and former child actor, finds himself at a crossroads as he prepares for life after high school. And Catherine, an established Deaf actress, juggles two careers in front and behind the camera but must decide where to put her energy.

This candid 10-part serial documentary captures the journey of these mould-breaking performers as they navigate the fast-paced and sometimes cutthroat entertainment industry in Hollywood North. Each episode features two or three of the performers, delving into their daily life, and taking us behind the scenes as they go through the audition process, hone their craft, eagerly await news of whether or not they get the gig, and adapt to the pressures of life in the business.

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Developed and produced with funding from AMI (Accessible Media Inc.), Canada Media Fund (CMF),the Canada Film & Television Tax Credit, and Ontario Creates.


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